So much sun, so little time.

It was a typical summer, every weekend jammed packed full of reunions, camping and visits to the lake. Other highlights included Ella's first year of playing soccer, my fishing trip to Canada and a family trip to the Midland County Fair. I had too much sun time and not enough computer time I guess. Sorry for the lack of posting this summer but I will make up for it this week. Here is the first post from our summer. Each day this week I will update with a different post.

In July Angie, Ella and I went camping with Kristy and a group of friends at Big Bend Campground on the Rifle River. It was Ella's first time sleeping in a tent and floating down a river in a tube. It was an experience for everyone.

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RockStar said...

i realize now i should have kidnapped your camera and utilized the delete button. ahem.