The Tale of Two Kitties

Look what Angie found under the Christmas tree. Five days before Christmas I visited the pound and rescued two kittens to give to Angie, Ella and Layla. My sister, Ashley made up some story about finding the kittens while doing chores outside so her kids wouldn't spill the beans to Angie before Christmas. After fostering them for days, I made my niece Carley cry Christmas morning when I came to pick them up. On the way home I wrapped them individually in laundry baskets. Before I could even get them home Peekaboo (Ella would later name her) was escaping from her basket. Lets just say that her energy meets that of the three-year-old that got her as a present. The other kitten, slept the whole ride home, she never made a sound. I decided to present one kitty at a time, the quiet one first, and it was perfect. Angie thought she got a laundry basket until she peeked inside to see Happy (which Ella would later name her) looking up at her.

These two cats couldn't have more different personalities. Peekaboo (pronounced peeky boo by Ella) runs sideways, sliding across the wood floor from one end of the house to the other. It didn't take her long to find the Christmas tree and the ornaments.

Happy on the other hand would prefer to cuddle and lay around the house. I have seen Peekaboo lay down as much as I have seen Happy play around, very little.

It couldn't have turned out any better. Happy matches Angie's energy level, they both like to lay around and cuddle. Peekaboo and Ella deserve each other, racing around the house antagonize each other.


Man O' Snow

So our foot of snow turned into a few inches of snow in the past couple of days. With warmer temperatures came perfect snowman making weather. Ella and I got a chance to roll some balls of snow together and make our first snowman. We didn't have coal or buttons so we settled for a tiny little carrot and dog food for the finishing touches. When we got home tonight the rain and 40 degree temps. took it's toll on our creation, his head was laying on the ground and he had a real bad tilt to him.

"That, is a big snowman." Ella said after I heaved the head onto the top of the snowman.


The girls

Most of the time when Layla find herself on her belly she realizes it is easier to lay there and suck her finger than to move around.

Ella was unwrapping each individually wrapped domino that she got for a birthday present from us this past weekend. Nana and Papa called to wish her a happy birthday and she didn't want to stop unwrapping her dominos. I think she might have dropped the phone a couple times but for the most part she did pretty well multitasking.


A very Col(d)man Christmas

J. Ranck participated in Coleman's annual illuminated holiday parade this past Saturday. "The Miracle of Christmas" was this years theme and there were many "little J. Ranck miracles" throwing candy while trying to stay warm in the 20 degree temperatures. One of the judges, who is a reporter at the Midland Daily News, said that our float had the most participants. The lit up stinger crane and trailer decorated by Angie and Stacey (and I am sure many others) was voted first place for commercial floats. Nice showing for the first year.