Week in Pictures

Finally after weeks of shooting I feel like I have shot some pictures worth while. Some of these are better than others but they all have a unique story to tell.

"She's been here all day but she hasn't bought a thing," Roxana Baechle joked about the mannequin she was using to "bring people in" at her garage sale. "She's got that 'I'm all yard saled out look'."

After a seven run rally in the fifth inning, Bob Moyer hugs his son Jake after he batted in the tying and winning run for his Little League team in a state tournament game.

Brad Steere, top center, is preparing for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation's Pro International in September.

"He's more of a companion, if he becomes a hunting dog it would be coincidence," Clay Engwis said of his six-month-old Golden Retriever, Bubba. The 1929 Model A Sports Coup has been in Engwis' family for 40 years.

"Usually when you are a full-time musician your a part-time everything else," Dan Vaillancourt explained of his multiple summer jobs including being a music teacher and house painter. Because of gas prices Vaillancourt is cutting back from his singer/songwriter passion and saving up for a fall album release and tour.


Rumbach's Visit

The girls enjoyed the beach and spraypark at Sanford Lake.

The annual Fourth of July parade at the Justin's mom's family reunion was titled "Rednecks Rock." I am not sure how I feel about that since Justin found some clothes to wear in our basement. Again it was quite a site to see.

After Ella declined, Hadley was really brave took a ride on Ice. She only had this quick second of resistance and realized that the horse wasn't so bad. Of coarse after Hadley had a good time and the horse didn't eat her alive, Ella decided to try it.

New York: Part Three

Sorry for the long drawn out New York posts. This Lady Liberty installment is the final post from our trip.


New York: Part Two

During our trip to New York we took an evening walk through Time Square. Angie and I made our way to the median in the middle of the lanes of traffic. As I made a few images of the lights and buildings I started to notice this crazy phenomenon I was a part of. Person after person come to the center of the road, some in the road, to take pictures of this well known area of the Big Apple. So instead of the buildings I turned my camera on the people. There were many more photos that I took this evening and I think we only spent maybe 15 minutes there.


New York: Part One

Tribute World Trade Center Visitor's Center. These walls hold pictures of those killed on 9-11

These details were photographed at the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. An exhibit of items from the World Trade Center after 9-11 and images from Gary Marlon Suson who was the official photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. Top left, a clock found n the PATH train station that was stopped At 10:02 when the South Tower collapsed. Top right, items recovered from Ground Zero. Bottom left, the largest piece of glass recovered from the WTC. This piece is nearly 3 inches thick. The audio said the the majority of the glass from the WTC was either incinerated or returned to sand on impact. Only a few percent of the original glass was recovered. Bottom right,the last image is a keyboard found at Ground Zero.

The rain falls over Manhattan as we returned on the boat from Ellis Island.