I know some of you thought you would never see the day, but here is the buck I shot on Friday. Quite an experience and after all the hours in the woods I only had to sit in my stand 5 minutes on Friday before this guy walked within 15 yards.


Goodbye to our friend Kyla

After a long battle with anxiety and licking our friend Kyla has been put to rest. Kyla was a loving dog that would lick you when you least expected it. She enjoyed eating, rolling on dead mice, chasing her friend Annie and most of all showing off her famous trick of balancing a treat on her nose. Kyla was preceded in death by her adopted sisters Honey, Blondie, Cinnamon, Lily, Nina, Kaiia and Olivia, along with her adopted brothers, Hank and Moe. She will be especially missed by her lifelong friend and companion Annie. For those of you who wish to make a donation in Kyla’s memory her family wishes you think of the Castor Road "pushing up the daisies" fund.


Johnson's Take

Our friend Channing posted a short photostory from our recent trip to Boston. Click the link above and check out his take on our family. Not sure what to think of his influence on Ella ... I guess as the saying goes, "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends nose."


Our little alien ...

It's a boy ... or it could be a girl ... or an alien. Either way it's our little baby. Angie and I (mostly Angie) decided that we would keep the baby's sex a secret, even from ourselves. So for all you folks out there waiting to find out if Ella is going to have a sister or a brother, you will have to wait until February.


Peeky's New Hat

Now that the white stuff is flying and the weather is turning sour, Peeky is keeping her curles dry with this fashionable honey bee hat. Thanks for the hat Cha Cha (Aunt Kristy)!


Watch out Boston

In her pink Chucks, Ella hits the town like she owns the place.

Walking home from The Boston Pops

Tired of being a tourist, Ella takes a quick rest on "the train" while heading to the Museum of Science.

Sharks, Barracudas and Sea Turtles oh my! Ella, Lydia and Amelia soak up the sea creatures at the 200,000 gallon ocean tank at The New England Aquarium.

No cheesecake for Ella at The Cheesecake Factory ...

Our view from the 26th Floor of the Hilton Back Bay.

Everyone needed a nap after the miles we logged in Boston.

Racing to the other end, Adam and Stacey jump over holes in a covered railroad bridge north of Stowe, Vermont.