Layla's Baptism

Layla was baptized on Sunday, my sister Ashley and Angie's brother Adam are her Godparents. She did very well, just chilling out in Daddy's arms, looking all around the church. Thanks to everyone who made her day special.


Summer Stroll

Ella, Angie, Layla, Grandma Bishop, Nana Bonnie, Aunt Lisa and I went to the Summer Solstice stroll in downtown Midland last week.

Ella is still talking about the "dancing people" she really had a great time, I think everyone did.

The group is called Strange Fruit, they are from Austrailia and were part of the Matrix:Midland event. They danced and performed at the top of 14-foot fiberglass poles.

On the way back to the car Ella would arch her back and sway back and forth pretending to be like the group. Aunt Lisa helped her out being her fiberglass pole.


On the island


This is Layla's first time in an outdoor swing. She thought it was pretty cool, but not as cool as Ella thought it was to have a swing partner.


Grammy and Ella enjoyed a cool dip in the lake. Ella calls it the pool, but the colder water doesn't seem to bother her.

You are my sunshine

Look who figured out that pictures actually move. Check out this video of Ella singing along to one of her favorite songs.


Wagon tails

I didn't think Annie would stay in the wagon. Really I picked her up and placed her in the wagon thinking all fours wouldn't even get the chance to hit the bottom. She proved me wrong, she curled up next to Ella and rode around the yard. Even through Ella's hugs and kisses she stayed patient.


(not) All Smiles

Here is a photo from a week or so ago. Our baby sitter said that Layla didn't eat much today because she was to busy smiling. I guess she was smiling through her bottle. Thats funny, she was crying through her bottle later in the evening.

Dragonfly Friend

Ella had a visitor while swinging with Angie today. A dragonfly hung out, cleaned it's legs, showed off it's transparent wings and green eyes to a very curious little girl. I was so proud of Angie, she actually touched it. It hung around for 10 or 15 minutes and then flew off.