Weekend Waiting

I am doing a little blog catch up. These pictures are from last weekend. Ella and mommy were reading and she thought that Angie's belly made a good foot rest, it was just the right size. Below, Grammy and Ella watch squirrels snack at the feeder.


With these wrinkly feet Layla could run the Boston marathon or maybe run for President of the United States.

Who's Who Poll?

Upon further review Layla and Ella don't look exactly alike to the trained eye. Some of you may have trouble though. These pictures were taken on day two of both of their lives. Give me some comments and let me know what your guesses are, make sure to guess before viewing others comments.

p.s. Wireless internet at the hospital rocks!

Layla Rose

Layla Rose was born Tuesday, February 27 at 1:46 a.m. 8 pounds 3 ounces, 19 3/4 inches long.

A quick update as of this morning. It looks like Layla, Angie and I will be staying in the hospital until either tonight or Thursday morning. She is starting to be a little jaundice and the doctors would like her to eat and poo a little more before we go home. I stopped home to pick up a few things so I posted these picture quick. More posts to come I am sure...


"us" Weekly Fix

There is nothing better than putting her feet up and reading US Weekly to put a smile on Angie's face. With five days to go until the baby's due date we are still in a holding pattern. This afternoon she went to the hospital to make sure her water wasn't broken. It wasn't and what was even worse is that there was no change with the dialation from earlier this week. She is making it too comfortable for the little bugger in there. The nurse said that maybe it wanted to be a March baby. We will have to wait and see.


Seeing the Light

Playing with light just like daddy, isn't that cute. Hours and hours of wholesome fun, just turn a flashlight on and let her go until she breaks it or the batteries run out. Batteries are cheaper than a babysitter ...


Be Mine

Ella was so thoughtful when deciding what she wanted to write on everyone valentine. She helped mommy make a list of people to send them to, mostly she wanted to send one to Brett, Daddy and Henry. Expect yours in the mail soon, if Ella forgot anyone...

Happy Valentines Day!


Super Sunday

Check out Kevin's blog to see all the excitement from this past weekend or if you want to see how cold it was in Sanford. Oh, by the way mom, I am going to need to ask you and your sewing maching a favor. The game was boring but the action in the livingroom was anything but. He started it ...


Dancing Machines

Angie taught Ella how to do the Chicken Dance. She works her her hands, claps and turns in circles but skips the rest of the steps. With the second child coming and the house filling up we are getting Ella ready for her wedding as soon as we can. "This is the most active I have been the whole pregnancy," Angie said while gasping for air.