The excuse

Here is my excuse for not blogging the past couple of months. The house is all consuming. It seems so many decisions need to be made: siding color, shingle color, doors, closets, outlets, lighting, mailboxes, garage doors, fireplaces, wood flooring and stain colors. I am sure this is only the first round of decisions too. The good thing is the house has windows, doors, electrical and a roof. The water line was going to be run today. At lease if things stopped today we would have a roof over our heads:)

Ella trying to not fall over on the rough terrain, while checking out the pond.

Angie looking out what will soon be the kitchen nook. In the background is the view towards the pond.

When we moved out of the house and now we don't even have spotty internet. So I can't tell you how consistent I am going to be with posts until we move into the new house and get internet our there. These are old photos so I will try to update with something more recent soon.

Weebles Wobble

Layla is sitting now (mostly with help) but some by herself. She is still a little round and rolly, also a bit top heavy. Anyway, she is becoming really aware and starting to interact. The other day she was following Ella around with her eyes as Ella played in her bouncy. Every time Ella would poke her head out Layla would laugh histerically. I would say that is the first time I have seen them "play together." This is an old picture taken in the old house. We sold our house and closed on it last week. We moved in to a rental next door. It was weird to see the new home owners sitting on "our" porch swinging on the swing that my dad and I made together. It still feels like our house.


Stress relief

So first off, to everyone that is a wood frames groupie, I am sorry. It has been awhile since my previous post. I know you all don't want to hear excuses but let me vent. Between building a house, selling a house, home inspections, projects at work, interviewing babysitters and a bunch of other stuff, there just isn't time to blog these days.

This weekend Channing was in town visiting. Although we had to change our initial plans, we had a blast hanging out like always. Check out his blog (the link is on the right side) to see pictures from his time in Michigan. It really is a can't miss, Channing style, know what mean man?

Thanks for coming in during the late innings Channing and pitching me (and the family) some much needed stress relief.