Cat nap

Layla was in the middle of a dilemma ... either enjoy the new swing set or give in to the sleepy signals that were taking over her body. There is nothing more relaxing then a purring cat in your lap before your nap. (I'm a poet and I don't even know it.) She hung on long enough for lunch and headed off to her afternoon nap.


Itch to Scratch


Odd or Even

Has anyone ever grabbed a handful of your leg hairs wanting to play odd or even? Basically the point of the game would be if you say odd and an odd number of hairs get yanked from your leg then you win, kinda. I parked next to this car in the parking lot at work a week or so ago. It looks to me like this white Kia played odd or even with the rear end of a whitetail deer. Some how I think the deer lost.


Spring Training (pants)

Ella and I went to our first Great Lakes Loons game together last weekend. Papa Jim, Aunt Stacey and Henry came along too. In his first game with his father in attendance since high school, Preston Mattingly came through with the game winning hit. The Loons beat the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 4-2. On the way out of the stadium the kids held hands out to the car while tapping their bats on the ground. On the way home Stacey asked the kids what their favorite part of the day was. Ella's was the french fries and Henry's favorite was the popcorn.