Ella's encouragement

The snow is melting in our yard but the pond is still covered with ice and snow. While this deer snacked on the corn pile Ella and I sat in the window, Ella heard me say, "Come on deer," as I held up the camera waiting to make this picture. I was trying to urge it to walk away from the corn and past the pond where it would be silhoutted. She started jumping up and down saying "Come on deer! Come on deer!" Then the deer ran past the pond and into the woods.


Layla turns one...

Well, more like 13 months. Her birthday was actually February 27 but after RSV, a double ear infection, the flu and a massive allergic reaction to penicillin the third party date went off without a hitch. It was pretty amazing that we actually had 11 kids in the house that were all fairly healthy (we will see for how long). Anyway, she partied like a big girl, munched on cake and played with all her cousins.


The Master & Student

The Michigan Press Photographers' Association held their annual Pictures of the Year contest this past weekend. It was quite the weekend for the guys at the ol' MDN. We all did well, and it felt great to do it as a team. I think we would all agree that none of us could have done it without each other. Check out the link above. It was a classic battle royal between Kevin and Brett's sports portfolios and stories. Also I have to say I doubt that the MDN or myself would have ever reached this point without Rodney "The Master." He took a chance on me, not sure why, but I am glad he did. (photograph by Kevin)