Angie said on the drive home, "This was Layla's first family reunion and it wasn't even her own." This past weekend, for the second year in a row, we crashed the Ingleson family reunion in Roscommon. The Ingleson family is Justin Rumbach's mom Susie's family who are from Michigan. This family is something, their gatherings are like nothing else and just a great time. Their reunions set the bar, complete with water games in the pool, horseshoe tournament, camping and to top it all off an annual Fourth of July parade that you wouldn't believe unless you witnessed it. A couple more years of this and we are going to have to start hyphenating our name.

This is Justin's Aunt Sara and cousin Harry after the parade.

Justin's daughter Hadley tries on her hat before the parade.

To put it mildly we will just say that the Rumbach family dressed as farm hands. I am not sure how, but Cameron slept throught the parade. She is wearing a shirt and overhauls that Justin wore when he was little.

What reunion would be complete without a dog and a plastic mower.

Layla was a good girl. You don't see Ella because we dropped her off at the lake to spend time with Jim and Lou. Good thing too, it was a long day.

Just after 11:30 a.m., Layla and Angie get ready for a swim in the pool at the farm. We never did run into pickpockets or loose women, just some really nice folks. Well I guess that is not entirely true ... the clock must not have been working ... we arrived around 2 p.m.


Rumbach's are in town

Good thing we have a friend that is a professional photographer. (No offense to all our other friends that are photographers :) Abbie wanted to shoot Cameron's six-month portrait so I sweet-talked Justin into shooting the Wood kids too. Don't worry we will distribute prints.


Property: excavating and pond

Jim, Adam and Henry met us at the property to take a look at what our excavator had gotten done over the weekend. We are just waiting on the building permit to start. Hopefully in the next few weeks everything will be in full swing, electric will get run and the foundation will be started.


Nana's Girls

Here is the first installment of images from the Fourth of July week off and vacationing. This past weekend we spent the weekend at the lake enjoying the nice weather and the Rogers. (That is what Ella calls Nana and Papa Wood).

Layla snuggles with Nana after a bath in the kitchen sink.

Ella and Nana watch the neighbors kids on the trampoline next door. She came up from the lake with a new word in her vocabulary Tram-po-line.