Say ahhhh!

Dr. Ella on duty. After all the appointments that she goes to with mommy she now likes to play doctor. She checks the baby and gives mommy shots. She likes to "see" with the magnifying glass. You know, look down your throat and in your ears. I guess I didn't know doctors used them but whatever.


Pre Football Sledding

So the crew (Brett, Kevin, Jason and Amber) came over to watch football. Before the games got to serious, we layered up and headed out into the snow for some extreme sledding behing the four wheeler. It was the first time for Ella and Amber (she's from Dallas). First three photos by Kevin, last one by Ryan, Kevin's on the saucer. You will see no photos of Ella on a sled, she didn't think too much of the idea. Probably because of all the yelling and screaming that came from the previous riders. Maybe next year...


Beauty Shop

Angie put pig tails in Ella's hair tonight. Ella liked to look at herself in the mirror, she thought she was hot stuff with her hair done and sunglasses on.

Playing beauty shop is hard work when you are eight months pregnant. "My butt hurts so bad," Angie said.


Wood Christmas (in Coleman)

The extended Wood family celebrated Christmas at the Geneva Township Hall. Ashley and I put the party on (mostly Ashley) but I did store Grandmas Christmas tree and decorations for a year :)

The little cousins ran around chasing each other and doing laps around the tables.

The men and women exchanged presents at the Chinese auction. It didn't get too heated, the only disappointment was that the snow shovel didn't make another appearance.

Shane didn't enjoy his mother's humor.

Angie found a comfortable seat next the the chocolate fountain.

Lance practiced his wrestling skills on the lighter weight class.

Not more much to say about Shane I suppose.


New Year (Johnson Style)

And I'm not talking about you Channing ... We celebrated 2007 and family on New Years Day with Angie's Aunt and Uncle, Lori and Dean Johnson and their boys, Nick, Luke and Tyler. Great food, football, knitting and fun times, I am sure they were glad to get back to the peace and quiet after all the rug rats left.

Aunt Lori laughs while playing with Henry.

The Johnson's Saint Bernards, Winston and Barron, check out the snack size children in the window. Actually they tell us they are 160 lbs. of love, and they are not even a year old yet!

The kids also checked out the dogs.

While Luke snuggles Ella's baby he said, "I hope I don't see that on your blog." Sorry, I couldn't resist. Luke you will make a nice daddy someday. I could be caught in this same position a dozen times a day, holding Ella's baby for her. Too bad I don't have contact emails for all your buddies at U of M :)