New Year (Johnson Style)

And I'm not talking about you Channing ... We celebrated 2007 and family on New Years Day with Angie's Aunt and Uncle, Lori and Dean Johnson and their boys, Nick, Luke and Tyler. Great food, football, knitting and fun times, I am sure they were glad to get back to the peace and quiet after all the rug rats left.

Aunt Lori laughs while playing with Henry.

The Johnson's Saint Bernards, Winston and Barron, check out the snack size children in the window. Actually they tell us they are 160 lbs. of love, and they are not even a year old yet!

The kids also checked out the dogs.

While Luke snuggles Ella's baby he said, "I hope I don't see that on your blog." Sorry, I couldn't resist. Luke you will make a nice daddy someday. I could be caught in this same position a dozen times a day, holding Ella's baby for her. Too bad I don't have contact emails for all your buddies at U of M :)

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Abbie said...

Ang -

Your belly is getting big! I can't wait until you have the baby!

What about Evan? Oliver? Harrison? Or would Harry Wood be cruel?

Love You!