How to have a baby ...

Here is how to have a baby in five minutes the quick and painless way. Listen up Abby.

Step 1: Unwrap the box.

Step 2: Have mommy snip the packaging cords.

Step 3: Feed baby with (ready all the time) bottle.

Congrats to Abby and Justin on their Christmas Eve arrival. Cameron Noelle!


Channing said...

Too Cute!

Did you light your Christmas morning? We like it.

Congrats to Justin and Abby!

- Brooke and Channing

Jesse Osbourne said...

i'll say it again.

coffee table book.

congrats to the rumbachs!

Abbie said...

Goodness, I go & have a baby & I've missed so many woodframe posts!

Thanks for the well wishes - we're doing great!

It looks like Ella is going to be a great big sister!

- Abbie