Wild Goose Chase

Angie searched around and found Dan a new home. Her brother Adam has a neighbor who has 22 geese. He keeps adults so they will mate and give him goslings. He says it will be a couple years before he is plumped up enough to have him as a Christmas goose. So I talked Brett and Jesse into coming over and helping me corral Dan to get him into a pickup truck. Dan should have a few good years of procreation before he heads to the chopping block.


Channing said...

Get 'em!

Jesse Osbourne said...

no wonder brett caught him.

i was scared of the gnashing big orange beak and you were takin' pitchers.

give me a call when it's time to serve him up.

Amy said...

Hilarious! You should have sold tickets to this... I would have considered paying to see you boys chase Dan. Have a great holiday!