Tree Tradition

I guess one good thing came from Angie's flu episode on the plane ride to Jasper this past Thursday night. She was home for the weekend and we were able to head to Vander Sys Tree Farm in Weidman to hunt for the chosen conifer. For the past six years it has been a tradition for Lou, Jim, Angie and I (and now Ella) to go to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas Tree. We searched though the rows and rows of trees to find Jim and Lou's. Angie and I picked a three-foot potted Blue Spruce for our tree this year. Not as exciting as sawing, yelling timber, dragging, shaking the needles and all of that holiday jazz. However, we thought we could recycle a little Christmas joy. We plan to plant it and remembering our trees of Christmas past when we live on Castor Road.

On Comet ... On Cupid ... On Donner ... Look at the rack on Donner!

Our little snow princess wouldn't keep her royal mittens on. Her ladies in waiting warmed her hands up with all their hot air.

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Grammy said...

We enjoy your blog spot and check it daily (if not hourly) for updates! Your "subjects" are precious, your photos are wonderful, and your words are heartwarming.