Noah Ryan

Early last Friday Noah arrived at 3:46 a.m. weighing a half ounce shy of 9 pounds, he measured 21 and a half inches long. Angie and I stayed at the hospital with him and were released in the morning on Easter. We packed our little Easter bunny up just in time Easter Lunch in Mount Pleasant and Easter dinner in Bay City. It was pretty ironic that he was brought home on Easter because the outfit was the same one we brought Ella and Layla home in. What a week!







Lost and Found

After nearly 7 months and probably at least 7 miles of hiking circles in the woods, I have finally found my trail camera. During my search I probably walked within 20 feet of the camera without finding it. Let's just say the animals in the woods did not have as much trouble finding it as I did. Here is a sampling of the animals that were captured between September and November when the camera batteries finally died. There were probably nearly 20 buck sightings, a group of toms and a coyote.







Slick Shadies

Here are a couple random pictures of the girls. I am not even sure where these sunglasses are coming from but both girls seem to be into these stylish shades.




Synchronized backward flop

I never did catch the decisive moment with both girls doing their synchronized backwards flop. Here are a few tweeners while trying to catch the two of them making their big splash.



sand pile sledding

I knew that the sand pile on the property would come in handy. I just thought it it was going to be fill for our poll barn. After all the fun this winter it looks like our plans to flatten it might be put on hold.




28 weeks

Here is another 4D ultrasound of baby Wood. He is still very active and moving around all the time. During the ultrasound today he was sticking his feet in his mouth and sucking on his toes. Any one have a good suggestion on a name for him?



lil' Wood

Here is the first portrait of baby Wood at 24 weeks. Angie thinks he looks like Layla and has a big nose, my mom and Angie's dad think he looks like me. Can you really tell from this angle?



Many of you saw the family portrait in our Christmas Card. Here is an outtake from the day we shot those pictures. We had to bribe the girls that if they smiled nicely that we would also shoot a silly picture. Here is to a Merry Christmas to you!



The Big One

When I got in from hunting tonight Ella showed me the picture that she colored. Angie said that it looked like the deer (in the upper left) had curly hair. Ella explained that it wasn't hair and that it was a buck and he has antlers.

Crazy because tonight there was a big buck only a little smaller then Ella's nine point that she drew, running around the woods. I actually called Angie on the home cell as it chased two does towards the house. She called me a minute later to tell me that I might as well come in because the buck had chased them through the yard and past the pond (heading away from my stand). I was trying to figure out why Ella's buck had such a big smile. Either the buck caught the doe it was chasing or it is heckling me because he got away.