Noah Ryan

Early last Friday Noah arrived at 3:46 a.m. weighing a half ounce shy of 9 pounds, he measured 21 and a half inches long. Angie and I stayed at the hospital with him and were released in the morning on Easter. We packed our little Easter bunny up just in time Easter Lunch in Mount Pleasant and Easter dinner in Bay City. It was pretty ironic that he was brought home on Easter because the outfit was the same one we brought Ella and Layla home in. What a week!






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brYan said...

Wow, what a handsome little boy. So you took him to Easter dinner ... one day old?! Ha ha, good for you guys. Lynne and I are so happy for you two, no .. make that five! Congrats on BOP too - holy cow ... did this all happen the same week? Man, your head must be spinning. Hope to meet Noah soon and catch up. Miss you guys!!!!