Slim Shady

I was out mowing the back field today and came across these fine shades. Pretty sure I know who they belong to, I think her name rhymes with Lamy Groper. Anyway, if anyone is missing a pair of sunglasses from the bon fire at my place let me know. Until then watch out around town for a slim guy riding around in his hoopty tahoe sporting these hot shades.


Stothard 9

Here are the nine Stothard kids. The four humans, from left, my neices Ali, Carley and nephews Shane and Nathan. I'm not sure if the goats have names yet. I know they were thinking of naming one of them pokey, or dot or dotty or something because it seriously has white circles all over it's body. Leasle gave birth to triplets and Grettle gave birth to twins. Count 'em up folks 4 + 5 = 9.

Layla started smiling the past couple of weeks. Most of the smiles come out for mommy or the papa but occassionally everyone else can sneak one out of her.


Dirty Birds

For two weeks during my hunting season no turkeys could be found. Since my season finished these dirty birds have been taunting me every evening and morning. They wake me up from their roost every morning and put me to bed every night with their gobbling. This morning it wasn't the turkeys that woke me up, it was Annie. Growling from the porch, she wasn't too sure what to make of them. This tom strutted cirlces around this hen all the down to the deadend, over our neighbor's bridge and up his driveway.

Tasty morsels

Do you think that is where the word morel came from? Take away tasty and an 's' and you get morels. These morels were found in our honey hole last weekend. I found four mushrooms with the biggest one four inches long. They were tasty, just ask Kevin, Brett and Tyler. I went out looking for more today. I'm not sure if the season is done or if our honey hole has just dried up. I found one dry morel. Can the season be done already, how sad.


Farwell JJ

We sent our winter intern, Jason Johns away with a blazin' party. It was great working with you JJ. Have a great time in Boston and hopefully our paths will cross in the future, you made the long winter fly by. When you get to Boston look up that C. Johnson fellow, I hear he will have some free time on his hands.


Stothard Softball

The pink ladies from the O'Laughlin (funeral home) softball team battled the Westown girls this past week. The team motto is "knock 'em dead" fitting because during "coach pitch" softball the teams pretty much bat around the lineup. Lets just say there are more hits then there are outs most innings.

My niece, Ali warms up in the on deck circle.

"Keep your eye on the ball," her mother/coach kept encouraging. Just for the record, she did.

Ali hustles down to third base.

My niece Carley, practices catching ground balls before the game.

The ball ran into Carley's bat a couple times.

After playing in the dirt as second, Carley gets a late start to third base.

What form, what grace ...

You can pick your teamates, your can pick your nose, but you can't pick your teamates noses (Is that how it goes).

When Nathan gets old enough the Stothards would have enough players to round out the infield.

Ah yes ... the best thing about playing organized softball, snack time.


Thunder Rolls

While leaving Bay City tonight the clouds gave us a show. These images were taken near the I-75 overpass on Salzburg Rd. By the time we drove to Midland the sun started glowing yellow though the clouds and by the time we were home there was a rainbow in the sky. It actually looked worse than it was.


Sleep Baby, Sleep

Last week Angie was excited because Layla was sleeping in four-hour chunks of time. Tonight she was excited because she slept in a six-hour chunk. Pretty soon she will be sleeping the whole night. (Again, Photo by Angie, I am thinking about hanging up the camera and just letting her do it).


Tweeners and Snapshots

In honor of Brett's new blog I thought I would look deep (last summer) into the archives to pull out a picture that would honor the occassion. I don't think the picture needs any explaination, so here's to you and your new blog buddy! Anyone interested in checking out Tweeners and Snapshots check out Brett's link on the right.


Klutzy Peeks

If you can't laugh at your kids then what? This is my way of getting back at her for writing on the couch. Ella and I were taking a walk in the woods a week ago. I was picking up logs and sticks that had fallen across the path. She must have been watching because I look behind me and she has an arm load of sticks. She would toss a few to the side and carry others. So I thought I would make some pictures of her as she carried her sticks. Little did I know that I would catch this funny little sequence.

As you will see, it ended with Ella face first, covered in leaves.