Giving Thanks (for family and brett)

The family and Brett got together for Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Bishop's house. Brett wasn't able to go home for Thanksgiving (his stupid boss made him work on Friday). My niece and nephews loved him, he read them book, played horse with them, and he took tons of photographs. I would recruit him to come every year but I know how much he missed his own family. Either way, you are welcome anytime Brett. See Brett's blog (link is at the right) for more photos.

Brett's self portrait while being mobbed by children.

The only photograph were someone doesn't have their eyes closed, fingers in their mouth, talking or looking stupid.

Grandpa Jack got a kick out of watching the kids and Brett taking pictures.

First and third photo were shot by Brett.


This guy's fault

"It wasn't my fault... It was the degraded mail server after four years of carnage," Midland Daily News Information Technology Manager Shad Sprague said about our email server crashing burning.

So really though, I need everyone to send me their email addresses. My address book and emails before 8 p.m. last night were "officially hosed" according to shad.