New Do

So most people in my life were calling for this for a while now. Brett stopped over tonight to give me a new do, "he just took a little off the top" I like to say. Anyway, my lovely curly locks started piling up on the floor and I thought it was kind of a shame to just sweep them up and throw them away. After all, I have been growing my hair for over a year.


Name that photographer

The ol' MDN archives really hold some gems. It seems like only yesterday I was working in Midland with my boyz. Brett shot the asthma one just recently but the other ones are pretty old school. As you can see it works out best when the photographers stay behind the camera and let real models do their job. I got nothing but love for you guys.


Curious Wanderer

Wasn't that the title of someone's blog? Anyway, sorry if I stole that but it fits Layla so well right now. This past weekend our whole family spent a lot of time inside due to the sickness sweeping through our house and the ice storm that swept throught the state. Layla finally started crawling a couple weeks ago and now there is no stopping her. She is into everything and leaving no stone unturned. She spotted Annie in the front window and made her way over to check her out. This image captured how I felt this weekend, trapped on the inside looking out. We all got a bit stir crazy.

Valentine's Day Kitty


Ella's Friends

A week or so ago Ella visited her friends Ethan and Carter's house. While Layla took a nap inside Ella borrowed some snow pants and headed outside to play. Ethan and Carter showed Ella their swings and slide. You should see how slippery a slide is when a child is wearing a snowsuit and it is slicked down with snow. Thanks to the Raucherts for letting us crash their Saturday.


Girl & Sarah

Angie brought home a little plastic fish tank from her trip to Indiana. It fits inside a wood box with a whole in the side and looks like you are watching a TV. Earlier today Ella and I went shopping and picked out two goldfish, she picked the color of the gravel and the plant. She thought the gravel was candy and we were going to feed it to the fish. She named the little one Sarah and the bigger fish is Girl.


Mommy missed it!

Nana, Papa, Ella and I were eating dinner tonight in Bay City. Halfway through dinner Nana and Papa started talking about how surprised they were about Layla following Ella around and wanting to play with the train that she was pulling around the house. Nana said that she peeked in on Layla when she woke up from her nap and she was almost pulling herself up in the crib. She couldn't quite make it ... until dinner time. All four of us look over and one foot at a time, Layla stood up! Too bad mommy, you will have to see it on the blog like the rest of the world. I hope your checking the blog from Indiana. Photo courtesy of Nana.


Cat nap fever

I think the cats are catching the napping fever like the rest of the Woods. You know how everyone in our house was born to sleep. Actually the only time that the cats get some peace and quiet from the three-year-old roaming our house is during her nap time.