Baseball buddies

Ella, Shane, Papa and I went to the Midwest League Home Run Derby Monday. These two characters got bored a few minutes into the contest. After stalling them with french fries and looking for the roaming mascots we went for a walk around the stadium. After they both turned their noses up at the idea of air brushing a picture on their face, they got these balloon hats. Funny you think, well not the for the guys who sat in front of us and kept getting knocked in the head with the balloon balls.


Wet Woods

Turtle Tides, the new spray park in Sanford was one of our stops with the girls on my birthday. They were reluctant at first but eventually got their feet wet. We had to talk Ella into riding on my shoulders to get into one of the big fountains.


Lord Rodney with Stanley

Crazy ol' Rodney sent me this photo in an email. I loved it so I asked him if I could pass it along to you all. I guess the Ilitches stopped by the Free Press the other day and brought along a little hardware their team picked up. In case some of you have been under a rock or scooping bat guano in some cave in Kentucky, the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. I would have loved to have seen Rodney pick it up over his head and cart it around the newsroom giving it kisses. Photo by Mary Schroeder.


We have been having quite a number of storms roll through lately (I guess most of you would know that). Anyway a week or so ago this cell moved through just north of us. Sorry about your luck Gladwin County. The moon and stars were out above our house and this storm kept it's distance to the north. It is weird but since Brett "Boomer" Marshall left the Daily News and moved away from Michigan we have been getting nailed. I wonder if God is angry with him.


Together time