The Big One

When I got in from hunting tonight Ella showed me the picture that she colored. Angie said that it looked like the deer (in the upper left) had curly hair. Ella explained that it wasn't hair and that it was a buck and he has antlers.

Crazy because tonight there was a big buck only a little smaller then Ella's nine point that she drew, running around the woods. I actually called Angie on the home cell as it chased two does towards the house. She called me a minute later to tell me that I might as well come in because the buck had chased them through the yard and past the pond (heading away from my stand). I was trying to figure out why Ella's buck had such a big smile. Either the buck caught the doe it was chasing or it is heckling me because he got away.



brett said...

i love that your are dancing and the deer is smiling. if you kill it, your children may never speak to you again.

brett said...

that's a sweet dance you are doing. both you and the deer seem happy. i can't wait til you kill a deer just to see the art that comes from it.