Beauty Shop

Angie put pig tails in Ella's hair tonight. Ella liked to look at herself in the mirror, she thought she was hot stuff with her hair done and sunglasses on.

Playing beauty shop is hard work when you are eight months pregnant. "My butt hurts so bad," Angie said.


Jesse Osbourne said...


are you freakin' kidding me?!?

i just laughed out loud. ella is probably the coolest kid ever.

grammy said...

She is getting so fun and playful and that photo of Angie is ridiculous! :)

If I were her, I wouldn't trust anymore, Ryan!!!


RockStar said...

Angie, you poor thing! It's bad enough that you're creating life and getting all the pains that go with it but you're rotten husband is nice enough to document it all. Man, that little girl of yours is adorable...she must take after her chacha. heehee :)

Johnson Family said...

Angie, you are a stitch. What a funny photo--and Luke was worried about his "doll" photo being posted!!!

Ella looks adorable with piggies.

Love Aunt Lori