Summer Stroll

Ella, Angie, Layla, Grandma Bishop, Nana Bonnie, Aunt Lisa and I went to the Summer Solstice stroll in downtown Midland last week.

Ella is still talking about the "dancing people" she really had a great time, I think everyone did.

The group is called Strange Fruit, they are from Austrailia and were part of the Matrix:Midland event. They danced and performed at the top of 14-foot fiberglass poles.

On the way back to the car Ella would arch her back and sway back and forth pretending to be like the group. Aunt Lisa helped her out being her fiberglass pole.

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Lindsay said...

Wait ... are those people dancing on giant poles right next to RODD STREET?!? Or am I reading the street sign wrong?

What a weird coincidence ...