Week in Pictures

Finally after weeks of shooting I feel like I have shot some pictures worth while. Some of these are better than others but they all have a unique story to tell.

"She's been here all day but she hasn't bought a thing," Roxana Baechle joked about the mannequin she was using to "bring people in" at her garage sale. "She's got that 'I'm all yard saled out look'."

After a seven run rally in the fifth inning, Bob Moyer hugs his son Jake after he batted in the tying and winning run for his Little League team in a state tournament game.

Brad Steere, top center, is preparing for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation's Pro International in September.

"He's more of a companion, if he becomes a hunting dog it would be coincidence," Clay Engwis said of his six-month-old Golden Retriever, Bubba. The 1929 Model A Sports Coup has been in Engwis' family for 40 years.

"Usually when you are a full-time musician your a part-time everything else," Dan Vaillancourt explained of his multiple summer jobs including being a music teacher and house painter. Because of gas prices Vaillancourt is cutting back from his singer/songwriter passion and saving up for a fall album release and tour.

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Keith said...

Hey Ryan,
Your New York photos were a pleasure to look at. Looks like a fantastic trip