New York: Part One

Tribute World Trade Center Visitor's Center. These walls hold pictures of those killed on 9-11

These details were photographed at the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. An exhibit of items from the World Trade Center after 9-11 and images from Gary Marlon Suson who was the official photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. Top left, a clock found n the PATH train station that was stopped At 10:02 when the South Tower collapsed. Top right, items recovered from Ground Zero. Bottom left, the largest piece of glass recovered from the WTC. This piece is nearly 3 inches thick. The audio said the the majority of the glass from the WTC was either incinerated or returned to sand on impact. Only a few percent of the original glass was recovered. Bottom right,the last image is a keyboard found at Ground Zero.

The rain falls over Manhattan as we returned on the boat from Ellis Island.

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