Man O' Snow

So our foot of snow turned into a few inches of snow in the past couple of days. With warmer temperatures came perfect snowman making weather. Ella and I got a chance to roll some balls of snow together and make our first snowman. We didn't have coal or buttons so we settled for a tiny little carrot and dog food for the finishing touches. When we got home tonight the rain and 40 degree temps. took it's toll on our creation, his head was laying on the ground and he had a real bad tilt to him.

"That, is a big snowman." Ella said after I heaved the head onto the top of the snowman.

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Abbie said...

I am actually jealous of Michigan snow! Hadley LOVES snowmen & would love to build one but it was 55 yesterday!! No hope of a white Christmas this year! Have a VERY merry Christmas!!!