It ain't fair

So much for my blog post every day this week. We have had three power outages the past three days. Anyway, excuses aside I will resume. Power is back on and so is the posting.

The girls and I went to the fair this year. I thought Ella would pass on riding the rides, some of them are pretty fast and she would have to go by herself on many of them. Well so much for that, she had the most fun I have ever seen her have. She met two friends on rides and even asked one of them to go again with her. They hopped back in line together and rode again. Angie was pretty emotional letting her go by herself. When Ella was on the school bus ride with "her friend" Angie said, "Arn't you kind of emotional, it's like leaving her on the first day of school." I guess it didn't effect me like it did her.

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