Lake & Laughes

In August Brett came back to Michigan to visit friends and spend some time at the lake. What he didn't bank on was singing 100 verses of "If your happy and you know it ... Jump in the sky!" Ella was the life of the party and I have to thank everyone for being such good sports and great friends. The rest of the (prior) MDN photo staff visited too. It was kinda one last who-rah. Brett headed back to Kentucky, Kevin's last day was only a few weeks later and Taylor ended her internship and started grad school. The weather that weekend was the worst of the summer but I think everyone enjoyed the lake anyway. Maybe someday we will be able to get together again for a laugh or two. (I think Kevin, Brett and I took some of these pictures, we shared the camera and I don't even know who's is who's).

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Kevin Benedict said...

Gem of a weekend. How much you love a place and the people you share it with really sinks in once you're gone.