Stormy & Sleepy

Today we spend a good portion of the day at the Theater of the Sea in Islamorada. Because of the limited spots available all the girls got to go except the two babies. Stormy, our dolphin treated the girls to his array of tricks. Dancing, singing, splash fights, fetch, hugs and kisses. Below, Stormy plants a big one on Angie's cheek. Ella isn't pictured because she didn't think too much of swimming with the dolphins. She got out and was happy to sit in a plastic chair next to Papa. It was a long, hot day and all the girls were pooped at the end of the day. In the car ride home Ella and Layla were both exhibiting their sleepy signs. BTW, the photo of Angie and Stormy is courtesy of the "professional" photographer at Theater of the Sea. They have the monopoly on the good photo spots. Sure you can shoot pictures, but they limit where you can stand. Then they do the tricks facing their photographer. They make every effort to make you purchase their photos. I guess it worked, I got nothing and we ended up buying a CD.

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