moon•light•ing –verb (used without object)
5) to work at an additional job after one's regular, full-time employment, as at night.

So we bought a swing set/playhouse for the kids. The directions say that it should take two "moderately skill" adults 24 to 36 hours to install. I should have expected that it would be like a second job for a week. My dad came over and spend some time working on it with me for two days. The second night we where trying to take advantage of all the time we had. After the sun went down and the moonlight wasn't enough I brought out the new LED light that I picked up at a family Christmas Chinese auction. After my dad left I was on my own the rest of the week and progress slowed down. We went from 2 "moderately skilled" persons to one almost sorta skilled. My dad was just evening us out to become "moderately skilled." I think we are ahead of the pace, I don't think we have 24 hours in yet. It's not quiet done yet though...

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layne beckner said...

i miss you guys so much.


(but stalking you is fun too.)

love to angie and the girls. tell her that the last two times i've tried to email her, it's been returned to me?