Day with daddy

Ella and I spent the day together today. She is getting over a cold and it just worked out that I stayed home with her. Here are a few pictures of our pretty yet uneventfull morning.

Look at the purdy morning light coming in the window. Is this what the livingroom looks like when I am at work? I need to stay home more often! Ella is looking through a book, actually trying to get my attention to read it to her. Oh and yes, I haven't combed her hair yet either, as you can see from the shadow that her bed head is creating.

After pulling the shades, Ella says good moring to Bella. Did you guys all know that a kitty says Meow. Just checking.


Jesse Osbourne said...

you need to make a coffee table book of pictures of your daughter.


RockStar said...

I second that.

mommy of 4 said...

when are you going to teach me how to take photos like that..I love them.