The Adventures of the Halloween Ducky

Once upon a time there was a little ducky. At first she didn't really know what to think of Halloween and all this dress up fuss.

After trying out her little webbed feet and shaking her little tail she decided that being a little ducky wasn't too bad.

Especially when Grandma and Grandpa Bishop gave her hugs and snacks. "This Halloween gig isn't half bad," she quacked.

The snacks were great, but she couldn't understand why the doggie started following her around the house. Grandpa quickly had to scold the doggie to keep him from stealing the little ducky's snack.

Not only did she have to watch out for sneaky old dogs but for the weird looking hunter too. "Good thing it isn't duck season," she thought to herself.

The little ducky decided that Halloween was a great time, she visted with all her friends. Mary and Laura Ingles, Buzz Light Year and Barney the Baby Dinosaur.

Her favorite part of the day was meeting all the new people that thought she was so cute.

But her most favorite part of her Halloween adventure was all the goodies that the strangers packed her pumkin with.


Channing said...

Absolutely fackin' adorable. Just as cute as she wants to be. Seriously this time.

Jesse Osbourne said...

this is freakin' awesome. can we run a page on it next week?

nancy said...

Hi Ryan! It's former Hearst fellow, Nancy Flores. I left Midland before your baby was born. She is too cute for words. Take Care.

Danielle said...

awww...., ella is precious, cutest ducky ever!

Amy said...

I've got to agree - she is one cute ducky!

mommy of 4 said...

cute ducky, her halloween friends are pretty cute too.