Familiar backyard

Ella and Layla dressed as Uniqua and Pablo from the Backyardigans this year for Halloween. They both loved it, Ella had the time of her life and could believe that everyone in the neighborhood wanted to give her candy. I think she would have gone all night if we would have let her. The last image is a photo of the Harvey's, my parents neighbors. My bedroom growing up was about 10 feet from their house. It is very strange to take the girls to the same porches that I use to run up to and yell "Trick or Treat!" I was telling Angie how we use to hit every street in the subdivision and come home with a pillow case half full of candy. Many of the same faces on Thunderbird Drive are the same ones that at one time helped fill my bag.

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Taylor Hayden said...

I'm really sad you couldn't get the adult costumes