Good hygientist needed

Over twenty years ago when I was in grade school my mom went back to school to become a dental hygientist. Since then she has been the only one that has cleaned my teeth. She put up with my braces (twice) and my lack of taste for the polishing paste. I don't know how many time she said "It is pretty bad when a hygentist family won't even floss." All of the good oral hygiene she passed along to me, like brushing in small circles and making sure you count to 10 before you move to the next tooth, I never did pick up the floss.

A couple weeks ago, she made an appointment for Ella and I to get our teeth cleaned. It was Ella's first time at the dentist and it was my mom's last day of work. She was leaving for a cruise and decided to retire. Ella did great after we explained that she didn't need to use the the mouth suction. My mom described it to her as a small vacuume and Ella hates vacuumes. It was nice to share in her last day and have her share in Ella's first day at the dentist. It sure won't be the same with some other person's hands in my mouth. I guess I am going to have to grow up and stop whining so much at the dentist office. She always put up with that too.

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Lisa said...

Dude - it's spelled vacuum and vacuums. - your sister