Santa needs seconds

Here is another photo from Christmas morning. Ella came downstairs to take a look at all the presents Santa left for her and Layla. More miraculous than the tree stuffed with presents was the emply plate that, only the night before, held cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. The empty plate was all the proof that Ella needed. "We need to get Santa more cookies," Ella exclaimed. We then quickly tried to explain that he wouldn't be back until next Christmas and he only comes once a year. I do feel a bit guilty lying to my children, I guess it is all for holiday tradition and cheer.

Note: For any of you that have not seen our new house this is a view looking into the library. Someday we hope to build in bookshelves, for now it is a mostly seving as a play area. And yes, we told Ella that Santa came down the "chimney" to our little propane stove.

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