Angie set the tone

We didn't even leave the state yet and Angie was aready setting the tone of our trip to San Francisco. I am doing what I can to keep our trip exciting and drinking beer to even our all of her water. This photo was in the Jose Cuerva restaurant during our layover in the airport in Detroit.

All kidding aside, we are having a good time. Touring the town and reminiscing about our honeymoon. Here are a couple quoetes from Angie about being bored.

"If someone is bored that is just a reflection of themselves. I create my own fun so I am never bored," Angie Wood said just before heading to her hotel room to read a book and take a nap.


RockStar said...

You know...to moms...naps are a luxury. Very appropriate for vacation.

RockStar said...

Oh yeah, and I was just out traipsing around your new digs. The garage door officially works and dang that's a nice view. Bring on the wood floor!