Ella "Art"

Sweet and innocent you say. Well she may be cute as a button but she is now grounded until she is 50 years old. She has completly lost her marker privilages after this latest inccident. While mommy was going the bathroom (a.k.a. not paying attention) Ella used her creative liscense to permanently mark or shall I say use permanent marker on our couch.

Not much I can do now so here is a list of positives from the situation:

1. No one died.
2. This gives us a great reason to pick out new furniture for our new house.
3. She can get a scholarship and pay her own way to art college.
4. She can pay us back after she sells her first piece at her gallery auction.
5. She grabbed a marker and not a knive from the drawer.
6. No one died.
7. We will always remember that Ella liked to draw when she was two.
8. Mommy has learned her lesson (we hope).
9. It was the couch and not Layla's face.
10. It won't hurt the resale value of our house.
11. She doesn't know how to spell four letter words.
12. We can put a pillow over it.

If anyone has any positives they would like to add to help us through this that would be great.


Abbie said...

She didn't enhale too much marker fume and pass out.

RockStar said...

RYAN. WOOD. Are you really terrorizing your wife because she was in the BATHROOM?! Well Angie, how dare you actually have to PEE during the day. You should be ashamed of yourself....no, no, maybe it would just be better to smack that husband of yours. What a punk.

heehee :)

RockStar said...

nice art, by the way try using hairspray. it should take it off. Good luck. i will make sure not to show Ethan her canvas. jenny