Dose of reality

Two days after receiving my award for Michigan Picture Editor of the Year I got a dose of reality. Last monday morning, I had a short story in the paper about the award, and coworker after coworker came up to congratulate me for the accomplishment. Just a few hours later Angie and I went to eat at Pi's for a little Chinese food before heading to the hospital. We were trying to decide whether to go to the hospital or wait and see if her contractions were going to get worse. Per tradition, at the end of the meal I opened my fortune cookie. It read, "You'll accomplish more if you start now." How true, on same morning that my head was swelling as big as it had ever been, this little note put it all in perspective. Like my boss always likes to joke, "What have you done for me lately." However you want to say it, that award was "so 2006." It is time to start looking towards 2007 and the future. After all I was holding the future in my arms only 12 hours later.

Here is my original J. Kyle Keener made Picture Editor of the Year Award. Like I told him when he handed it to me, his handmade trophies are one of the coolest things about being honored.


Jesse Osbourne said...

congrat r. wood.

you da man!

Channing said...

Yeah, man. Congrats. I also saw all of the POYi editing awards for the MDN. Nobody can touch you guys. Just wait for BOP, yo.

Good work, man.